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unanswered Speaking in Tongues

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ChristianGathering Posted 18 Apr 2019 13:02
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The bible speaking in tongues means what ever language you speak Everyone in the world will understand you.

Pentecostal churches and others, make out there gibberish is from God, no it isn't, its from Satan and his princes of darkness.

leave all such churches or you'll end up in Hell.

If it doesn't look and feel right, it probably not right. Satan had 2,000 years to deceive 99.8% plus of all churches on earth !

Read your King's James Bible often as possible a week, especially on the Sabbath (Saturday) for at least two hours.

The more you read the less likely satan can trick you up. God's good churches are rarer than hens teeth !

Read your bible at home is like your own church, with God in Heaven, listening in on you.

Jehovah Church on earth is the Philadelphia Church of God in Oklahoma USA -

Home churches are great to, you can't be fooled by satan, if you follow the King James Bible !

Blessing to all


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