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ChristianGathering Posted 09 Apr 2018 22:56
Simon Magus was a sorcerer and magician and saw the miracles from Peter, one of Jesus Disciples and wanted to pay him

money so he could do them as well, and charge money this would have been in his plans, he's one of satan son's.

So some time after satan sent him a message, that only sorcerers can receive. And he started what would be known as

Mystery Babylon - Mother of Harlots - Abomination of the Earth which = The Catholic Cult church.

Most of the persecution against God's people came form False Religion = Satan head on earth The Catholic Cult pope.

Over one hundred million people of God and non - christian's have been murdered and butchered by this Demonic CULT.

This is the same Cult that wants all God's children dead. And apart from God's Elect and Saved Saints, they will be after all

others. The Bible tells us some will survive in the wilderness by themselves, only by Loving God and knowing him.

Satan is after God's Jewish children and God's Hebrew children, which are the ten lost tribes of ISRAEL.

God Bless All

New York
Los Angeles

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