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locked Judgement

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ChristianGathering Posted 09 Apr 2018 16:08
l had a neighbour called in two weeks ago, and was talking about different things he said he keep two commandments, l

told him he needed to keep all ten commandments. He didn't believe in the Bible because he thought it had been corrupted.

He can see what is coming on the earth. Well after he left a short time later, l knew l had the answer for him. ( praise Jesus)

God will not judge anyone on the earth if there was not one good Bible here on earth, but ALMIGHTY GOD does have his own

Bible on the earth and that is the KINGS JAMES BIBLE which everyone on the earth will be JUDGED BY.

Now satan has been making as many false bibles as he can to hide GOD"S KINGS JAMES BIBLE from us all.

AS an example NKJV, NIV, NASB, ESV, NLT, HCSB, NRSV, NCV, NEB, ASV, and he keeps making more and more to confuse

God's Children, away from JESUS CHRIST, KING"S JAMES BIBLE.

God's Blessing to all

New York
Los Angeles

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