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locked Story Of Gideon

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ChristianGathering Posted 09 Apr 2018 23:19
In the story of Gideon a poor farmer , an Angel of God speaks to Gideon and tells him God has chosen him to lead the

Israelitie people

, he asks the Angel of God to proof it three times. After he believes God has chosen him, he gathers together ten thousand

men to make war against midianites who have persecuted them for a very long time.

The Angel of God tells Gideon God doesn't need this many so he asks all who are afraid to go home. Seven thousand men

return home.

That leaves three thousand men left, but the Angel of God says that's still to many Gideon and so the Angels says

when the men go to drink water, only tap the men shoulder who drink water by using there hand to dip into the pool and not

the men who lie on there bellies and drink by there tongues.

So that left only three hundred men left.

So God's children on the earth must be 10% of the population, that's makes seven hundred million children of God.

l guessed that a few days before, if you know God, he loves sevens, his number is 777, seven days a week etc.

So of the Two Billion three hundred million people saved by God for the New Earth.

Seven Hundred Million are his direct children of Elect & Saints and One Billion Six Hundred Million Poor, Sick and Homeless.

Ps/ Anyone can become a child of God, it's up to everyone.

God Blessing to all.

New York
Los Angeles

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