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ChristianGathering Posted 01 Sep 2017 16:31
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The first war will be muslim countries armies from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Philistines, Syria, Lebanon, hizballah, Iran support by money and weapons, from Psalms 83, attacking lsraeL in late September 2017. The One True God (Jesus) himself will kill 85% of all there armies. lsraeL will take seven months to bury them all. The Anti-Christ will take credit for God work.

The second war is between Iran & Saudi Arabia./ Iran will NUKE many cities in Saudi Arabia as told in the Bible, this is the PUSH at HIM in the Bible against the King of the North the European Union who needs oil to survive.

The third war is between the King of the North the European Union & The King of the South Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya. After Iran has taken out Saudi Arabia with Full Nuclear War. The European Union will overflow Iran and all his allies.

The fourth war is also called, World War lll, after the European Union has taken over most of the Middle Eastern countries and their Oil Fields the Kings of the East raise up against him to do battle.
This is when so many cities and countries will be Nuked in the world and roughly two Billion people will die.

Thank you Jesus for showing me what the PUSH at HIM was to the King of the North was from the King of the South by Nuking many cities of Saudi Arabia.
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