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ChristianGathering Posted 06 Oct 2017 23:08
Last edit: 09 Oct 2017 09:31 by ymedia. info_outline
We just had another False Flag Terror Attack in America, suppose terrorist had over 40 guns and rifles, they might as well say

he had over 4,000 guns and rifles in his room.Either number is just ridiculous.Blanks were probably used for the sound affect.

All of these people used in these False Flag Attacks, Doctor's, nurses, police, secret intelligent agencies, politicians, Emergency

Medical Services, are all members of Secrets Societies, probably masons & Templar's.

The normal FEMA Actors they get paid in cash, depending on there part in these evil BLACK OPS SHOWS.

The Terrorist get's at least one million dollars and a new face and new identify and passport papers.

They get away with this sham because not many people are aware of this real world,that we live in. We are at the end, that is

why they have been doing these things for ONE REASON ONLY, in near Future to TAKE ALL YOUR GUNS FROM YOU..

Before the real killings begins, they need to take all guns from you.

Just as Hitler did in Germany.

This is what your Evil Government will say, we need to take the guns to stop these terrorist attacks from happening again.

These governments will allow there friends and allies to have them, thou muslims etc

Ps. Just found out the two witnesses arrived in Jerusalem, on 23rd September 2017. Elites will hid it as long as possible.

Where l live lam in a real drought already. You will see the TWO WITNESSES stop rain coming from Heaven all over the world

It will rain only little bits at a time.
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