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ChristianGathering Posted 10 Apr 2018 09:38
When the Elect of God and maybe even God's Saints were born,in heaven God assigned them two of his wonderful Angels

to take wonderful care of you. And at night time when it was time to go to bed ,they put you into bed,and there faces were the

face of Almighty God and when they spoke to you, it was the voice of many waters the Lords Voice spoke to all this children at

the same time each night, like clock work. Their Angels would tuck them into bed and probably kissed them goodnight.

This is all written in the Lord's good Bible.

The Most High has over one hundred million Angels and Seven Archangels of God. The Angels also go to the earth to fight

satan black demonic fallen angels, when you resist a sin in time God will send his Angel to pierce the demon with his sword.

Then it will leave your body unless you sin the same way again.

There is a huge battle going on over your souls in the invisible world around us.

Right now satan might have at least 99% of us.

Most Elect and Saints will have to see wars after wars to see how close we truly are toward the tribulation period.

Anyone with eyes to see could see whats before us now, but most want to bury there heads in the sand.

Blessing to all.

New York
Los Angeles

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